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KHIBiNY, MURMANSK REGION the city Explore the beauty of Murmansk Region (Russian Northern Lights) THE KOLA PENINSULA: FACTS THE ARCTIC CIRCLEThe Kola Peninsula is located almost completely inside the Arctic Circle…

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TRANS SIBERIAN JOURNEY Sonderzugreise “Zarengold” Peking – Moskau Zarengold-Sonderzug Do you have any questions Please Ask

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MAGICAL MOSCOW the city Europe’s greatest cultural destinations, as well as one of the world’s most populous cities, there are number of reasons to visit Moscow’s attractions. Home to almost…

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BEAUTIFUL BELARUS the cOUNTRY Salvia Promoters is the official partner of "Visit Belarus" in India.  We are promoting Belarus not only as a destination, but also as a place for…

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Scintilating Sochi the city Located in the south-west of Russia on the Black Sea coast Sochi is one of the most developed resort cities of the world endowed with great…

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St Petersburg

Saint Petersburg will be opening soon with all the protocols suggested by WHO and UNWTO for “Safe Tourism" Sizzling Saint Petersburg View the Sizzling St petersburg the city Hailed…

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Amazing Russia

AMAZING RUSSIA PICTORIAL FACTS & FIGURES : RUSSIA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIESIt does not matter whether you are a big successful brand that keeps busy throughout a year, or whether you are…

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History of Russia

History of Russia may be summerised from 9th to 20th Century as under:  Year  MAJOR EVENTS 9th century 860 Rus'–Byzantine War (860): The Rus' launched a successful raid on Constantinople. 862 Rurik came to…

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